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Obi Cubana: How I finally became rich

Written by Solomon King okah

Chief Obi Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana  says something about how he amassed such wealth .

Obi Cubana stated that after his graduation as a political scientist and his NYSC program,he started a local restaurant in Abuja due to the fact that, he couldn’t acquire a job as at then.

As the restroom was growing,soon he added a small bar / beer parlor to it.

Obi Cubana stated that he earned a living through the local restaurant and beer parlor until they were demolished by the recent Government as at then.

Chief Iyiegbu also made the following very clear:

  1. Not every business he ventured into worked out well for him.
  2. I’m 46 and I’ve done my first half. Hence,If you’re in your twenties, Work hard.
  3. The only spiritual power he believes in is prayer.
  4. He’s not a ritualist . Hence, there’s no soap to cut for anyone.
  5. Pray, work harder ,if not harder and make your own soap.

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