Complete Biography and Net Worth of Aliko Dangote

Aliko Dangote
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On this very precise article, we’ll be giving you the detailed biography of Aliko Dangote is the founder of Dangote Cement Group and also the richest man in Africa. He also has the world’s third-largest sugar refinery.

Complete Biography and Net Worth of Aliko Dangote

Early Life and Education

Aliko Dangote was in the year 1957 and was raised in a Muslim home. He was born in a very influential and a wealthy home, his grandfather (Sanusi Dantata) happens to be one of the richest persons in the whole of Kano as at then. Meanwhile, He officially started staying with his granfather, Sanusi Dantata in the year 1965 after the death of his father.

His interest for business grew so much while he was staying with Sanusi Dantata his grandfather. During one of his (Aliko) statements, he said “He can boldly remember when he was in primary school, he would always go and buy cartons of sweets [sugar boxes] and start selling them just to make money. That was when his drive for business was groomed

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Which School Did He Graduate From?

Research has it that Aliko Dangote graduated from Al-Azhar University, Egypt when he was at age 21. Meanwhile, the Azhar University is actually one of the best  and prestigious Islam’s universities in Egypt.

How Did Aliko Dangote Get Rich?

He is the richest man in Africa became rich by importing and selling several agricultural stuffs. He later ventured into oil and gas business, manufacturing of consumer goods. From an inept research, it was believed that majority of his fortunes was generated by Dangote Cement (with an estimation of 45.6 million metric tons of cement every year and operates in about 10 different African countries).

What Does Dangote Produce?

Basically, Aliko Dangote produces cement, oil, and other several consumer commodities such as sugar, salt, flour, and many others.

Who Is Aliko Dangote’s Wife?

Aliko Dangote has been married and divorced for like two times now.

Aliko Dangote’s Children

Aliko Dangote has three daughters (Mariya, Halima, Fatimah) and one son (Abdulrahman Fasasi) whom he adopted.

Who Is the Richest Black Person in the World?

From research, Dangote happens to be the richest black man

What Is Dangote’s Net Worth?

He has a net worth of about $12.4 billion

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