Wiz Khalifa To Drop an Entire Mixtape “Big PimPin” Soon!

Wiz Khalifa Big PimPin Mixtape Download Zip

Wiz Khalifa “Big PimPin” Mixtape


Wiz Khalifa Big PimPin Mixtape
Photo Credit; pursuitofdopeness. com

Wiz Khalifa is about to give us the beat of our life with an entirely new mixtape, Big PimPinΒ !

Everybody knows Young Wiz don’t throw an empty stone. Everything he does is super fly so, we are expecting a big bomb from the brother.

Khalifa took to twitter to make the big announcement on 4th of July. Read tweet below;

From the mixtape (Big PimPin), the Taylor Gang boss is giving us an early release of one of the tracks Slim Peter Mp3 DownloadΒ from the big project.

The Rapper from the track speaks about how other rappers aren’t ready to and can not copy his style even if they want to.

His emphasis on how rough growing up was like for him from the track is rather sketchy but mighty, where he said “Grew up like Boyz N the Hood, shit wasn’t all good”

and touchy on his success story.

The Statik Selektah produced track was comically controversial and good.

Back to the mixtape, the Minot born rapper said he would be releasing the mixtape in 2 halfs all of which is a bomb I’m sure.Β 

Now, let’s wait and enjoy the Slim peter single before the rest of the project Big PimPinΒ is out.Β